All people are created to be a winner

All people are created to be a winner. Without exception, because basically all humans are equal. Are identified by the pattern of thought.
To be a winner we have to do is change our mindset to be a winner and cultivate thoughts into the subconscious.

Life is not about time
You'll never accomplish anything if you always think of a time limit.
Life is about power. The main strengths to build you a strong personal leadership and the winner is the power of your mind. The liver is a balancing of power.
No matter how long you live and how much time you need separately to be a winner. Because the most important in the journey of life is not a process, but the end result. Winners.

Turn the power of your mind as your primary capital to be a winner. Fight all the flaws that make you destroyed in the end by the power of positive thinking. Take action to make yourself win. Kill all your fears with your mind. Remember, all men are equal. Your mindset that will differentiate yourself from other human beings.