Be men

Be men were gaudy and bright. Find your strength to be a leader. Be the leader. Leaders who lead all especially yourself. No one has the right to life and set you except yourself. Yes ... just your own. Build your personality to become a true leader. Leaders who can rely on you and others, and even proud. Build your strength to think as a leader and find and cultivate positive mindset. Until makes you really be able to lead a life of your own.

Stop following the traditions and mindset that is not necessarily true. Think about it. Do not be a faithful follower of pets like cows. And stop complaining about shortages that make you become weak. Think that you are a superhuman who can do everything. Without exception. All the things you can do.

Believe. Know yourself and build all of it, all you have and you can achieve. Nothing is impossible if you believe and want to do it.